Become an Affiliate Marketer! Every sale on your behalf we send you 5% of the total order instantly upon payment!


What is your Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program financially rewards you for directing customers to Cryptos. When an order is placed and payment is received from a referred customer of yours, we instantly send you a commision.

What is your Affiliate Commission rate?

By default, every affiliate receives a 5% commission rate, though for qualified affiliates we can change this! Contact us through email at [email protected].

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

Being an Affiliate Marketer for is completely FREE! And there is NO MINIMUM SALES FOR PAYOUT. Every affiliate payment is processed automatically upon order payment.

I lost my affiliate link, how can I get it again?

We'd like to keep users as anonomyous as possible, in order to regain your same affiliate link you can email us at [email protected] from the same email you created an affiliate account with. Or, you can just create a new affiliate account with the same email!

How do I change my affiliate payment address?

Currently there is no way to change your payment address other than creating another affiliate account. If it is an urgent matter, we can manually change it by emailing us at [email protected] from the same email you created an affiliate account with.

I have different question..

Please contact us through the support on site or email us at [email protected].